This past Thursday, our school celebrated “Teacher’s Day” a few weeks early since the elementary school kids will go on break for 5 WEEKS. (I asked our 3rd graders if I could be a 3rd grader for a month… they said “үгүй байхаа, багшаа!”… you can guess what that meant for poor Stephanie Teacher.

But for our early Teacher’s Day celebration, the school’s “senior” class each chose a teacher and transformed from crazy 11th grader to… crazy teacher for a day! We all got the day off as the 11th graders took their turn at wrangling students all day to learn.

Afterwards, the 11th grade threw the teachers a little ceremony as we exchanged gifts, stories from the day, played silly games, sang songs, and they gave us each the Mongol equivalent of “senior bests”.

I got “most generous”… finally all those days of bribing children to love English through candy and stickers has paid off :)

So Happy early Teachers day to all my TEFLers (and non-TEFL PCVs who get wrangled into teaching English sometimes) and all the teachers around the world! After I’ve gotten 20 months under my belt…. teachers are saints!


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